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Knowing that this topic was discussed before, has anyone managed to successfully export mesh with vertex colour information into external render software (as a texture or otherwise)?



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Sure. There are various formats. I don't remember why, but in rhino 5, I use vrml v2.
Its a very obscure format to use, many programs don't import it at all. Is there anything else though?

Why don't you tell us which program you need to target, and we can try to find a solution.

Keyshot, Vray or Mentalray

Which formats do they support? Usually I open the vrml in Mesh Lab and export a texture based on the vertex colors. This is what has been the most versatile way to get vertex colors into apps that might or might not support them.

But it wouldn't work when rendering an animation with hundreds of meshes
It must be something directly in Rhino

Did you look at that  ?

it seems to work on Iray and Keyshot. I am also pretty sure I used it for Rhino 5/Vray

Is there any chance that you could upload here your example, please?


I did it in 1 minute.

Upload Vicente script,

Change the name of "texture file" in panel 

Make a Vray material 

go in diffuse, click to add a texture, click on the checker, choose bitmap. Reuse the png that the script of Vicente output and that is done. You can render

I must say that I am really impressed. Even if that came easily for you from my perspective it is really impressive. One really impressed guy here.






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