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Hi all,

I want to know the maximum stress of the shell on Karamba.

I can get two different values from each component; [shell view], and [result vectors on shells]

These two component shows different maximum stress as you can see from the attached image. One is 9.17 kN/cm^2, and the other is 9.23 kN/cm^2. This difference is really important to me.

I think that Karamba calculates the stress at the center of the polygon. Then, the value from the [result vectors on shells] will be the correct one. Is it right?

Thanks for your reply,


Jaeman PARK

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Hi Jaeman Park,

Karamba calculates the shell results in the center of each triangle. In order to visualize the results nodal values need to be calculated. This is done by averaging the results of the triangles which connect to a specific node.



Hi Clemens,

Thanks for your reply. I understood.



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