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Input custom cross section with Modify CroSecs component

Hello all,

I want to calculate deflection, maximun bending moment, and reaction forces of the structure with "custom cross section". I have my custom "aluminium extrusion" profile and its section properties from [Area Moments] component.

You can see my definition on the attached image and gh file. My question is, is it okay to use this definition for the custom cross section? Or, how can I input more information to [Modify Crosecs] component, from automatically calculated results(like a [Area Moments])?

- I input Area, Inertia, and Elastic section modulus to [Modify Crosecs].

- I chose "Box" cross section for my tubular custom section. Height and Width are from the dimension of the bounding box of the section for the visual issue.

- I do not want that shear deformations cause the change in the maximum bending moment. Thus, I input very large number to Ay, Az.


Thanks in advance,

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Hey Jademan (or anybody else),

I am really interested in doing something similar to this, did you ever establish if this was a valid way or working with custom cross sections?



Hey Jonny,

this should work. However it is always a good idea to test something like this with a simple statical system where it is easy to calculate the result by hand.




So now for the real question, is it possible to model my custom profile in the BeamView?



in Karamba 1.2.2. it is not possible to display arbitrary custom cross sections with the BeamView-component.





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