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I'm trying to implement a solution that would stop the optimiser from selecting sections that exceed the SLS.. If I understand correctly, the optimiser isn't taking the location deflection into account and therefore you end up with sections that are exceeding the SLS criteria. (but still fulfilling the global deflection criteria)

To do this I had proposed to use the moment of inertia form the cross section dissembler, and calculate the local beam deflection manually and then filter this via the sls criteria.

Does this sound feasible and achievable? The part that I'm struggling with is then reconstructing the model with the appropriate sections sizes. I've managed to filter the sections that are failing, find the section size that wouldn't fail but I'm not sure where to go from there.

Any advise greatly appreciated.



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I'm getting closer.. I think.. but when I try to re-assemble the model I'm hitting an error "1. Solution exception:Element 0: node-index 1 is out of permissible range." I suspect this is somehow to do with the datastructure but I can't get my head around how to fix it. I even tried, after I've disassembled the model, to reassemble it again and no go. Please help :P



Dear NiceBikeMate,

in Karamba 1.2.2 manipulating the element's cross sections after cross section optimization is rather tricky. This will be solved in Karamba 1.3.0.








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