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Hello everyone,


I am trying to calculate a double layer grid shell in Karamba and I don’t know how to model compatibles nodes between bars.


What I mean with compatibles nodes is that i am searching to have the bars H and V continuous but the joint between them to be defined in such a way that node displacements are identical, while rotation in nodes can differ (an articulation). 

In the link below you can find an example of how it use in Robot Autodesk:

So my question is how can I implement in  Karamba 'compatibles nodes' such as Robot Autodesk does or similar.


Best regards,


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Hello Georgiana,

In Karamba 1.2.2. joints can be defined in three ways:

  1. Via the 'Beam-Joints'-component
  2. Via the 'Joint-Agent'-component
  3. By setting 'Bending' to false in the ModifyElem-component with 'Beam' selected as element type: it turns a beam into a truss element without bending stiffness. This option is faster in terms of computation time than options 1 and 2 but not as versatile.

For details please see the manual.



Dear Clemens,


Thank you for your answer but my question wasn’t really about joints but about a specific joint that I don’t know how to simulate in Karamba.

Maybe because of my bad English the question was not very clear. Attached you can find some schemas that I hope it will be more clarifying.

PIC1: The bars H and V of the grid shell are continuous but at their intersection are articulated one relative to the other.

In the Det A is presented this type of joint that I am searching to simulate in Karamba. The only idea that I have for the moment ( but is not proper and quite difficult to integrate) is to introduce a fictional bar be-articulated between bars H and V.

So is it there another solution for my problem (despite that presented in the DET A) ?

Best regards,


Dear Georgiana,

you could model the connections using a springs. A spring can be oriented like a beam element and allows to freely chose its stiffness properties.

The 'ElementFelting'-component should be useful for automatically generating the connections (see manual and examples).








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