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Hi - I've searched through the forum but I didn't find a clear answer about the units for stiffness in Kangaroo. Are stiffness and force units relative to the distance units used in the rhino project like many of the other units? For example if I am using meters would it be right to assume that stiffness is newtons/meter? And if inches lbs/in?



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In a post in wich we have participate Carlo says:

"I'm trying to observe and compare kangaroo to ANSYS (FE method) in a small example in my work.

I'm well known to the compatible unit systems (m - N - Pa) (mm - N - Mpa) etc.

I presume spring stiffness can be chosen as A*E/L if I want to model a beam. (L = total length, A = cross section, E = 200GPa steel)"

I hope this helps a little bit ;) This is the same reasoning that I've used to my work with Kangaroo ;)

That's certainly the approach I've taken, it would be interesting to see the results of any validation you carry out of a kangaroo model.






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