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Hi guys,

I'm stuck on something and I was hoping someone might be able to help. I am trying to pull a mesh strip to a curve. I started by segmenting the curve into equal lengths using Daniel's equalise segments definition from a previous discussion. I then created a mesh the same length with the same number of segments and now I want to wrap that mesh along the curve using the segment control points.

I have tried the magnet snap which seems to be trying to bring the points together when I grab the mesh and pull it towards the curve but it doesn't stay in position. I guess that I don't have it set up properly. I have also tried the coincident points which works to a degree but doesn't pull the mesh all the way to it, I'm not sure if its meant for this.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about it?

I've attached the files below,

Any help/advice would be much appreciated,



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Hi Enda,

What is the intended end result here?

There are multiple instances of the Kangaroo solver in one definition, which I would generally avoid where possible, and it is often possible to combine the goals into a single simulation.

Even in cases where you really do need to use multiple instances of the Kangaroo solver in the same definition, I'd recommend either using the Zombie solver for at least one of them, and/or including a data dam between the first and second. Having both trying to iterate at once is likely to get very slow.

Also, the Grab component and Magnet Snap can be helpful for more 'manual' manipulation of models, but it doesn't sound like that is really what you want to do here.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Ultimately my goal is to figure out how a straight piece of paper would follow the curve I have. I plan on using this to make a template that will allow me to make the piece out of wood veneer.

Having read contributions by other people on the issue, including yourself and Marten Nettelbladt I understand that the geometry of the strip needs to be restricted in order to accurately represent the behaviour of paper (or in this case veneer).

That is what I am trying to replicate so I thought that if I constructed a flat mesh to the same length as the curve I might be able to wrap it around the curve which might give me the result I am looking for, but I take it from your reply that this isn't the way to go about it?

Hi Enda,

Thanks - that is more clear now.

Finding a developable strip through a given curve should be possible, either with Kangaroo or through geometric construction.

However, I think in general it will not be possible for this developable strip to also unroll to a straight strip. It's an interesting question to see how close one can get though. I'll give it some more thought...

Thanks Daniel,

Any insight you could offer would be great.






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