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Hello everyone,

I am studding a timber gridshell and for the form finding I used Kangaroo. For the moment I integrate the bending strength only in one direction (on the strong axis; Strength= EIx/L0).  (Like in the example attached here).

For the moment the program considers that the cross section is a square (with equal inertia in both directions) but my cross section looks like this:



Does anyone know how to integrate the strength bending in the second direction (weak axis= EIy/L0) in the same time? 

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Hi Georgiana,

I am wondering what is the purpose of your simulation because it seems you are asking for something which is usually managed through FEM engines (and Kangaroo is not that). Simulating actual material behaviour with Kangaroo is possible, but related to some specific applications.

As a start, you can look at Daniel's examples such as the modelling of (circular) elastic rods. Furthemore, CITA's calibrated modelling research groups have done a pretty outstanding work on that such as the Hybrid Tower and plugin called K2Eng (Kangaroo to Engineering). Also Format has been doing a research about it (see more here).

Being more specific, the K2 angle goal works used for simulating bending rods referring to a 3D angle and not on a specific plane. Moreover, the element you are proposing is prone to torsion effects that you cannot model. With a circular section, you can still deal with it, but other section geometries lead to a behaviour which is pretty complicated to be simulated (described by Kirchhoff's elastic rod model).

Hope this help.



Hi Claudio,

Thank you very much for your answer, it’s very interesting the plugin K2Eng and it helps me to verify my work.

Actually I’m working on the study of a timber gridshell with a not symmetric section. For the form finding of the gridshell I created the grasshopper file attached here. It works similar like K2Eng because it takes into account the bending only in one direction. My grasshopper file and K2Eng works very well for a symmetric section where the inertia is equal in both directions.

In conclusion, now I’m trying to integrate the bending in two directions for a non symmetric section.

As you can see in my grasshopper file, I integrate the bending only in X Direction.

Here is the grasshopper file







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