algorithmic modeling for Rhino

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this the file ~ 


i have figure out my problem in this file  

and i have another problem

What is the unit of strength ?did it equals to the unit in worldplane( for examble,

1 unit strength = 1 x or 1 y or 1 z in ddimension)

And what is the relationship between strength and cutoff ? what is the meaning (if strength > cutoff  then?      

if strength < cutoff , then? ) 

should they be sync in positive or negative? ( strength is +,  should the cutoff also be +?)


The cutoff is the distance at which the force stops working. If it is positive, then the force only acts when the points are closer than this distance. If it is negative, then the force only acts when the points are further apart than this distance. (so nothing to do with the strength)

attached below is a file with some animations illustrating this

I wrote here a bit about units.


thank you so much helping me so much






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