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hello out there !

im fiddling around with sdr network fillet but dont get any result.
maybe someone could post a little example how its done properly.

thy !
Hi Pyrit,

The component won't work unless there is a valid license file (Have I already sent you one?)
Run the rhino command sdrZZLicenseRequest (I'm in the process of improving the warning of this in Grasshopper)

Did you find my blog post with example models to download?


yes you sent me an licence via email, for example sdrCF works.
downloaded your example files 3dm/ghx but it doesnt work...

im using latest gh built

big thx

I'll happily help resolve this, can you please link or outline clearly which files aren't working? I'll test them all tomorrow, will just expedite a response if you can point me to the trouble.

Hi Jon,

Would you be able to send me the valid license file? I can't figure out how to set it up through rhino. Thanks


Hi Jon
I'm trying your IFC export. For some reason I can only use top 3 options for building element types.
Is it a bug or just a work in progress?

Rhino sr8
grasshopper 0.8.0003
Hi Max,

I have seen this with the combobox, I've been meaning to seek some advice from David about why the dialog cancels when you scroll down and select. For the time being, use the down and up arrow keys on your keyboard, that allows you to confim the entity type.

I look forward to hearing other ideas, observations and suggestions you might have.


Thanks Jon. It works with the keys


I find that  the component for GH8.002 doesn't work in the example costa minimal surface.

And every time I change the parameters,there is a bug like this.It would show right image after I reset the “mesh”.

I remenber the older componet for GH6 works well.Would you tell me what's the problem?

In upgrades I've added some new versions of some of these algorithms, generally older versions should still work but this looks like a problem.  


I've just uploaded a new version of this model using a mesh relaxing component that does work, try this:

I'll try and fix the older version when the chance presents.  Thanks for reporting, let me know if you see anything else amiss.




Hi Jon, I recently updated IFC export plugin and it stopped working for me.

Trying to import ifc file to archicad I get an error message about inconsistency and no elements are imported (sometimes only half of them)


Could you please chek if i'm doing anything wrong in setting an export def?



Hi Max,


Thanks for posting and testing the file I sent you.  I just uploaded a new build , let me know if any models have problems.










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