algorithmic modeling for Rhino

if you have any ideas/problems or questions just let us know ;)

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Hi Khizer!

I suppose you're trying to edit the mesh to get the best exposure. How do you move the vertices?

Thanks for any suggestions (I'm sorry if I'm wrong interpretation)

i downloaded geco and it is on my computer but i don't know how to link it to grasshopper.  i ran the installation but nothing is happening.  i have Rhino 5 and Grasshopper 08052.  can you help.  thanks


can you send me a screenshot of the extra flyout?

do you have two grasshopper folder or did you, as we recommend it ,just dragged the grasshopper.rhp into the rhino 5 canvas?


Also I have this file after conversion, yet it's for Aberdeen, but I use it....thanks for your attention...



Hi, does anyone know how to put information of Weatherfile? I have downloaded the application of EnergyPlus version 6, and I've converted the file .epw to .wea but I don't know how to put inside the weatherfile? Need your help....Rgards.

save the file and link it with the weatherfile component

to convert epw just drag and drop it into the weathertool of ecotect



double click or right click and set path




I did all that, but this message telling me that "connection with running instance of Ecotect was not successful" . 

please take a look on the example files or read the manual ;)

Dear uto,

How does one extend the trial version?

is their a newer version or do i have to register somwhere?

please reply


just download it from here

first you have to register in our group!!







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