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I am new to both Grasshopper & the GECO interface to Ecotect and I tried to solve the following issue:

With the code I found for doing the Solar Access Analysis, I am able to make a mesh from one surface, run an annual solar irradiation analysis. It works also with multiple surfaces, but if you want to be able to adjust every surface, you can make use of several of the MeshUV components, but I am only able to feed in only one of these components in the 'export mesh to ecotect' component. How can I connect multiple meshes?

Another thing I would like to do is to select for instance all surfaces which receive more than, let's say, 600 kWh/m2/year and export those values to a new mesh.  With the 'Object Request' component, I could extract all values when I select one surface, but when I select multiple surfaces, the integer which can be feed in into the 'objectrequest' component does not work. Is this possible?



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Hi Jouri,

Sorry for the late reply. We are currently in LA - reduced internet access.

attached a version which works as you expect.

To prepare the surface you have to swap uv to have the right orientation.

So if you or your university is interested in such research we are also offering workshops.

So please feel free to contact us per email




Hi Uto,

thanks a bunch for the code... it works fine!

I will talk with some people here at the university .. they might be interested and then I will come back to you!







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