algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Any idea how can i export points as a .csv file from grasshopper,python component!!!! . . .


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Salam... Something like this should do it:


Mersi mard,

It's working. thanks a lot.

There is also a build-in library in Python for that:

the CVS build-in Library doesnt work for IronPython wich is the version of python that run under Rhino 5 

True. Has anyone found a workaround in python for this? I'm trying to read a file line by line, essentially look up a line in a file by its line number.

is it a csv file? I haven't tested the code but something like this should work for you:

filename = open(yourFileAddress, 'r')

for lineNumber, line in enumerate(filename): 

          print lineNumeber #print the line number

          print line.split(',')  #print the line





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