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I would like to ask if it is possible to load one grasshopper add on only on rhino 6 wip but not on rhino 5.

For now I am testing ngon functions in wip version , but still sometimes using gh and rhino 5. All Grasshopper add ons are shown on both versions. But I would like to load my add only on rhino 6 wip.

How to achieve this?

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I guess the clean solution is to define two different paths to reference the grasshopper libs for R5 and R6 (don't know how to do this or if it's possible). Otherwise I once compiled a python component with R6 (.ghpy), which is read by R6 only. 

It would be good if somebody could show where to reference those paths.


You can get the default Grasshopper folders from the Grasshopper.Folders namespace. Not sure if that helps here, but like say this to reference the default libraries folder:


If you go to %appdata%\Grasshopper\ you'll find a folder called 6. Put Rhino6 only stuff in there.

Nothing called 6, creating one would make a difference?

I thought I created one automatically whenever GH starts in Rhino6. You can try adding a folder (can't hurt certainly). But it makes me suspicious. I'll have to talk with Will Pearson to see if we decided to change this approach.

The folder structure you'll need is %appdata%\Grasshopper\6\Libraries\ assuming it all still works.



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