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Hi everyone...
Does anyone have a clue how to create unstretchable surfaces in Grasshopper?
I'm looking for something like panelization... but backwards... like creating a surface with predefined planar and flat elements such as metal sheets, etc. no bending, no stretching no scaling...
Imagine creating a surface with a set of coins or playing cards without bending them... 

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If I understand you right, then you are looking for translational surfaces.
Have a look at this page:

Hope that helps
not exactly....In the example you sent me the quads are planar, but not uniform... I want to be able to create a surface using any given shape of cells... take a look at coin furniture designs by Johnny Swing to understand me... It's like a panelized surface, but I want to design it backwards... have a surface made of cells and then manipulate it in a way that the cells remain intact.
thanks for the reply...
As far as I know kangaroo is the right tool for this, but I can't help you with this plugin.
I'm also interested in this topic. Let me know if you found an answere.
good luck
I also need to solve this problem, if you have any success please post your method!


Give your email i have some pics and definitions it can help you in your project!






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