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I am using GH mostly for some geometry issues on models made in Rhino or otherwhere. With other words, I deal with non-GH "stupid" models. I unfortunately cannot make selections of items generated in a certain matter but have to select them by hand, often one by one in a certain sequence. And there my first wish comes:


Is it possible to add something to the data collection procedure to save the current collection of items? For example, I have manually selected 20 lines in a 3D model (in a certain order). After a certain time I need to have those lines selected again in the same order, so I wish to have a selection list and reload them. The one by one selection procedure turns often into a pain when selecting dozens of items in a specific order every time I need them. I might save a new GH definition for every selection I make, but this would result with dozens of definitions for one Rhino model (kind of a nonsense).


The other wish is to have a kind of control over the collection manager (like asked in this discussion). When I select non-GH items in a certain order and finish the selection, it naturally happens that I forgot to collect something. So, every time this happens I wish to have an "add" button (or holding down the shift button or whatever) to click it with the mouse and add to the current selection. Furthermore to this wish it would be good to highlight the items on screen that we are pointing at in the selection manager so we know which referenced object we are looking at.


Maybe those things are existing somewhere, and I cannot find them. If not, then it would be great to have those options one day. Thanks,



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I would love to have that too. I asked that before, but did not get an answer... hope you do!






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