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I want to modify shape and twist it simultaneously, like the attached images, but could not. I've attached my grasshopper file here. I will appreciate if anyone may help me.

Thanks in advance

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This could be one way, and you can also use "Twist" in GH R6 WIP.


Thanks for your reply.

I wanted to stretch the shape based on the mid-line which is demonstrated in attached image. Also the shape should be twisted base on the same line. The start and the end of the shape should be fixed.

Thanks again


As I said, have a try "Twist" in R6 WIP, or Jackalope  plug-in in R5.


Now it is ok, but there is a problem: the end of the shape which is showed in attached image should be fixed like the other end. What can I do?

Best regards

When you apply twist, your word that the edge should be fixed means integer * pi rotation. (1 rotation = 1 * pi = 180 degree)

What if twisting it 90 degrees with fixed edge?


here is another approach to have fixed edges. However there is a need to script, in order to modify cps like this



I don't understand exactly what you mean if you say that the end of edges left fixed and the middle part is twisted 90 degrees.

Can you explain it by sketching or whatever?

I mean a shape like this link:

Check this.


Yes, Thanks a lot for your consideration.



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