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Surface.CreateRollingBallFillet Method: Is this under construction?

Hey guys,


Has anyone been able to get Surface.CreateRollingBallFillet working?

Also, what's the difference between Brep.MergeBreps and Brep.JoinBreps?


Is Rhino's _MergeSrf exposed anywhere in the SDK?


I'm looking to fillet multiple surfaces, and combine them back into a single surface. Is a fillet followed by a merge the best of doing it?

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Hi Suryansh,

Are you using V4? The CreateRollingBallFillet function should only work in V5.



Hey Steve,


Yes I was originally doing it in V4 but since your reply I tried it in V5 too, but it behaves the same. Screenshot attached.


Anyone solved this problem?

Yep you need to use the overload 

Surface.CreateRollingBallFillet (Surface, Boolean, Surface, Boolean, Double, Double)

Booleans are flip surface toggles

Try this definition, there are an Extend surface script and an Extend curve on surface script too in here.

Rhino 5 GH 0.9.000000000000006


Thanks, it works great for me.

I am a newbie with GH, so i want to know how i can do if i want to fillet multiple surfaces.



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