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Hi all,

I've just came across some incident in the "Set Difference"-component which I can't explain.

The Set Difference of Integers doesn't work, strangely it only occurs in Branches ending with zero.

I've tried flatten - unflatten, turning it into points and numbers. Doesn't work.

Any ideas?



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It doesn't only appear in branches ending with zero.
Actually in later parts of the tree, the component doesn't work anymore at all.

Or maybe does anyone know a quick work around in VB or C# ???

See you

The files...

They are about Mesh connectivity (Plankton required). The error occurs in the white frame


The branches in A and B are matched up not by their code, but by their position within the tree. That might explain why items in {9;2} in A are not getting removed by items in {9;2} in B. Or it may not, I'd have to see the actual data to be sure.

Can you internalise the data in those Int parameters and then post the visible portion of this file?


David Rutten

Seattle, WA


there you go.

I also tried to shift the lists in B to change the integers positions. Same results


Here's your problem; racoons in the plumbing:

The tree on the left only has 45 branches, the one on the right has 50. They start to differ at the fourth branch ({1;0} on the left, {0;3} on the right)

Do you want to remove all branches in the right tree that do not appear on the left? Or is there some other problem causing this disparity?


David Rutten

Seattle, WA

Hey.. yes actually I was aware of that issue.

I wanted to the remove these branches and thought the Set Difference compontent would just ignore the excessive paths and would do the job.

I fixed it and now it works properly.

Thanks a lot David






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