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RhinoNest is now available in Grasshopper too!
How to download RhinoNest 0.1 for Grasshopper?
1. Login to You can use your account of,...
2. In the Menu, click on Download.
3. RhinoNest 0.1 for GH needs RhinoNest 2.1 installed. It is included in the same download page.

Please take a look to this video:


Please let me know your feedback!

Thanks and best regards,


Rafael del Molino

TDM Solutions SL


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yeah,well done!
awesome,  already playing around with it here and see tons of potential!

hii Rafael 

i have a problem when i nest any thing it only makes one sheet and the rest of the object go to the un-used objects, so i want it to nest all the objects. thank you in advance :) 

I think you'll have to do something like the attached example.
ryles thank you its works :) but it makes another problem it duplicates the text, i see the same numbers in different sheets

hmm, that is a problem.  I don't see anything to fix this right now.


I'm going to send it to Rafael and have him look at it and see what he says.

ok thanks alot :)

No problem, glad I could help.


I sent it off with a link to this thread. He's in Spain so I'm not sure when he'll be waking up and replying.  ;-)  But their support is excellent and should get back as soon as possible with an answer.


I'm wondering if it's a bug, oversight, or something that needs to be handled with native Grasshopper components.


Guess we'll have to wait and see.

i think its not a bug because he do it in his tutorial but am wondering how :), so we'll have to wait and see.
same issue over here. please tell me, if you can find a fix for that



I'm thinking about how we can do it with RhinoNest for GH 0.2, but I don't know right now. Use RhinoNest for Rhino and you can do it!


By other hand, we are here to develop!!!!! :) What do you need? Multisheet option in the control? 


Please let us know what you need and we add it!




Rafael del Molino

TDM Solutions SL

that be quite useful. just a boolean toggle.

maybe its also possible to have multiple input sheet curves?

the thing i am not getting is, in your demonstration video it seems to be included already...






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