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I have a component that runs a Rhino command by


The Rhino command works fine, but after running it, I can no more select things on the canvas. I only can zoom in & out, bot no way to drag or select anything.

(I have to close Rhino)

I think I'm doing something wrong ... any ideas ?

BTW, RhinoApp.RunScript() gives no problem in a C# script component.



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I'll need to see the component or some code so I can repeat this.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

Are you by any chance triggering the script with a button? Could be a case of this:

Try swapping it out for a boolean toggle and see if that alleviates the problem. 

Hi guys,

David, I attach the component.

Andrew, you're right, I was using a button.

A boolean toggle works fine.  :)

Thanks a lot !  Cheers.


p.s. forgot to mention: (GH 090056 - Rhino 5 07/17/2013 - Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2)


For completing this thread, here is a working solution:

... Huh ... I had forgot about this ... But is very good seeing that solved. :)

Thanks Florian !



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