algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello. I'm trying to roughly model some buildings onto a terrain I created in Grasshopper, but I'm having some trouble getting the curves to extrude the way I'm looking for. Basically I projected the curves of the building footprints onto my terrain and then I would like to take those curves and extrude them at random varying heights. For some reason the definition I created is creating 5 random values between 10' and 15', but it is only extruding to one of them. Also, because the curves are non-planar, how would I go about capping them?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Ben ,

Your definition is working correctly , as i got what you want it is because the number of your random values is just five and you are repeating these five number or if you want just 5 number it is doing it correctlyAnd for caping the breps , all of your breps must be closed


Check attachment. Best. 


Thank you Hyungsoo! This obviously works perfectly!





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