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I have a simply [Point in Curve] problem here. I want to detect coplanarity between a brep and a surface. I pretend to isolate the face of that brep that is coplanar with the surface.
I have gotten the centroids of each surface, and the edge of the surface. Then I have used Point in Curve...but it detects more than one point inside the curve, and therefore I can not isolate the brep face that is coplanar with the surface.
What am i doing wrong?

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Try this.. Its a slightly different workflow from yours but should give you the same outcome.

 Designed it for mulitple breps and surface sets though you will need to put them in order. If its only for one remove the Pshift component and Flatten the K Input.



Hello Matt,

 Thank you!

It works fine. I had not considered the Pull Point component. Thank you for open my mind. 

More than one way to skin a cat. See attached.



oK, another way, and works well also. Thank you very much...

But... there is something wrong or some limitation that I must to consider regarding  the Point in Curve component?

 I have a big definition that is plenty populated with the Point in Curve component...and it has always worked well...until this time. 

Can it fail? Or maybe there is a problem with the  input geometry  (the surface and the brep)? Or simply i have used the component in the wrong way?

That's something David could shed some light into...  When looking at your definition it should have worked, but it's as if all points were treated in the same plane, hence receiving 4 possible curves....

not sure if this is the same issue but I've had trouble in the past with Point in Curve, while Point in Curveworks great, even with a single curve. I think it's a grasshopper bug...






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