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I am attempting to cull/remove and/or distribute points along a surface based on the curvature of said surface. I have generated points along a curved surface by using the "divide surface" component. Then is use the "surface curvature" component and sort that list into low and high values. What I really need to do is sort the points through understanding the low and high curvature values of a given surface. I got this idea from David Rutten in this discussion:


The important part of his suggestions:


"Generate a ridiculously dense pattern (random or not) of points on the surface. Then measure the curvature underneath each point. You can then sort the points from low curvature to high curvature. Once the points are sorted, you can generate biased culling values."


The discussion was useful but does not go into enough detail for me to extrapolate what I need. I was thinking to develop some boolean logic to tell me when to cull out certain points but maybe this is not best idea. Basically, I am stumped on how to sort points based on independent information as well as what type of culling to use. I was thing the "cull Pattern" component would work best. Does anyone have any ideas? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.





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I have been doing some more work on it. I have some distribution of points along the surface by asking whether or not average of all curvature values are greater then or less than the existing curvature values. Then using the cull pattern to delete one's that are or are not.


I also subdivided the initial surface and took the uv coordinates from those subdivisions. I am still not getting the type of distribution I need. I am looking for something more like this:


However, with points lined up in such a fluid manner. All this based on curvature. Maybe curvature is not the best. I would aalso like to be able to control the point pattern simply through manipulation of the surface control points in Rhino/GHOP, rather than sliders. Would love to hear someone's thoughts. I have attached jpeg,3dm, and ghx files. Thanks again...


Hi, i am doing a project that requires similar things as this. I was wondering if you had solved the problem? I am looking a way to generate density of points on the surfaces based on curvature and then populate a new diagrid over it by connecting the points. Thanks

I know this is an old thread - but I was recently looking for a solution to this myself, and pieced together something based on similar discussions. Thought I'd put it up here in case anyone needs to find it. 









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