algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I work with rhino 6 wip meshes and ngons.

However in grasshopper when I initialize mesh ngons are gone.

Especially after closing and opening file.

I know this issue is bigger and not connected to any particular component.

But are there any way this thing could be fixed in coming Rhino 6 WIP update?

It would be very helpful for me.

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Grasshopper saves its internal Rhino geometry (breps, curves, meshes) as Rhino5 flavour data, so the files can be opened on Rhino5. If I start including new stuff like N-Gons, internalised data will no longer be exchangeable between Rhino6 and earlier versions.

I do see that not having n-gons persist is annoying too, but I can't decide yet which is the greater evil. I suspect that switching to pure Rhino6 data makes sense from the point of view of Robert McNeel & Associates, in that we'd like people to move on to the next version.

Thanks for the reply.

Then probably I will have to wait until gh2 and rhino 6 will be released.

Is it going to be soon? :))

Rhino6 should be soonish. GH2 will be much later.






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