algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Updated: Now includes the following....

GoogleDirection : get a route and the directions from one location to another, with distance, time, and steps.

Location : Get the address of a given name of place or use a GPS point….reverse GeoCode.

GoogleMaps: show google maps directly in the rhino viewport.

GoogleStock: Access Googles stock market values on the NASDAQ, the NYSE etc.

Facebook: Access Facebook API search directly in GH.

Twitter: Search Twitter message databases.

Topsy: Media archive database access.



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Awesome Tool. thanks a lot (:


The GDirect component won't provide multiple routes. Is this a bug?

Which version of Mosquito are you using? It should supply 3 possible routes to choose from. If it does not find alternative routes it may only supply 1. Send your definition and I'll take a look

I'm using version 0.4d and what I mean is, I have 17 points and I want to find all the routes from these points to a specific venue. File attached


I right, well Googles API is pretty fussy, it does not like us bombarding the servers with 17 requests in one go. Your IP address will be banned for 2 hours or so. I had to disable multiple items because people did not seem to understand this. There is a way to record the paths however. File attached. Just activate the timer and then you will see the paths being recorded.


ok. Good idea. Thanks





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