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Hi Everybody,

I am experimenting with the metaball components at the moment.

I am trying to blend two shapes which were initially created using the metaball component into "one floor plate".

Wherever two circles intersect (overlapping floorplates) one shape should be created.

See image.

I am kind of stuck and would appreciate if someone could have a look at my definition and push me into the right direction.

Many thanks in advance!!!!!


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If you want a single outline, you'll have to generate all the floor plates using a single MetaBall component.

There's two basic approaches; building-as-a-whole or one-floor-at-a-time. I attached files for each.

The building as a whole is closest to your current approach, all the points are taken into account for every floor, meaning there's quite a lot of bulging going on. The other approach only generates exactly the points that intersect with each floor.


Hi David,

thank you so much for your reply and support.

I will study your solution tomorrow.

I checked it out quickly and yes its indeed what i was trying to do.






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