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Mesh Brep vs Mesh From Closed Polyline Rhino command


I am trying to create a mesh from a polyline using grasshopper. My polyline has some edges in which there are 3 vertices. When I use the rhino command "mesh from closed polyline", I get a mesh which has a vertex in each of the vertices of the polyline. But, when I try to create the mesh using the Mesh Brep component, I get a simplified mesh, where the extra vertices in the edges of the polyline have disappeared. I think it is easier to understand what I am trying to say with the following screenshots:


Mesh created with the rhino command:

Mesh created using grasshopper:

The last mesh has less faces, as the Mesh Brep component gets rid of the extra vertices that define the polyline.

Any suggestions?



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Reduce or simplify the polyline first.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

What I meant is that I need these extra vertices, maybe I didn't explained it well. I need the grasshopper component to generate the same mesh than the rhino command.




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