algorithmic modeling for Rhino

hello, i'm new to grasshopper.

I had a problem that:

I had a list of different area untrimmed surface and a list of number(numbers of floor)

how can I form different number of floor plates for each surface,like

surface0 had 41 floors

surface1 had 28 floors

surface2 had 21 floors


I tried to change the data matching of the <move> component but still can't make the result that I want.



beside that, are there any component can let the overlay boxes can separate like this:

i make it manually by bake and move and bake and move..............


please forgive my broken english.




my definition

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what do you mean by, "different number of floor plates for each surface"?  I looked at your definition and you're not referring to any surfaces, do you mean that you would have three different groups of floors?

like the data in the panels above,

I had 3 surfaces, and each surface has its own number of floors


but when i try to use <series> and <move> to copy the surface vertically

the surfaces are not copy with the number that belong to each other, like:

untrimmed surface0 should be 41 pieces

untrimmed surface1 should be 28 pieces

untrimmed surface1 should be 21 pieces


it result like this

exclude the 1st and 2nd pieces,the others all is untrimmed surface 1



and the attachments is the result that i want, I done it one by one.


Hi Guys!! Is it possible to do the same thing but with 2 or more towers that have different forms but same total area? (for example: one tallest, on smallest, one largest, etc)

Thanks a lot in advance!!

An example to be clear:

4 towers (1000 area total)

Tower A   10X 10Y 3 FLOOR

Tower B    5X 5Y 3 FLOOR

Tower C    1X 5Y 5 FLOOR

Tower D   20X 20Y 3 FLOOR

Every Tower have 3 Slider (X, Y, FLOOR) ... IF 3 Towers obtain 1000, the 4th Tower doesn't exist.

Hope that someone could help me in this!!

maybe this?? ;)


OMG ... it's a great work!! Very difficult for me to do it!!

But it seems that the value of total area isn't respected, am I wrong?

So thanks a lot for this!! ;-)

I try to be more accurate:

With the same TOTAL AREA, is it possibile to increase the number of floor of one tower and in consequence decrease the number of floor of the other towers (choosing in what towers and how much (for example I decrease one tower of 2, another of 3)?? Remember that towers have different base dimension.

I think that this algorithm it's almost right!! :-)

Hope that U could help me!!

I wil try but now im out of my town. Im not sure could do this. Someone?

It's so hard!! :-(






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