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Hi everyone,

I have just started looking into classes in Python and was wondering if it is possible to make conditionals using these classes.

For example, is it possible if I were to make a condition that goes:

Class A has a set of conditionals

Class B has a set of conditionals

If x > 1, then go to class A

But If x <= 1, then go to class B

Thank you in advance. I appreciate your reply.

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So do you have a method and then call classes?

In this case probably you need to initialize class after if statement, or if they are initialized before, you can call its method.

Or you have a class, and would like to call another class from the class?

Actually it would be better if you could give a more specific description what you want to do.

What classes do- methods, what is the scope of the in you overall application?

Yes indeed, conditionals are parts of methods, methods are parts of classes. 

I see. Thank you very much for your help David. 

Hi Petras,

I apologize for the late reply and thank you. Yes, I have a method and then call classes.






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