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Hello Everyone

Im a beginner user of GH, Please Someone can help me on how to set a red lignes on GH ? it is an X cross section and if possible switch to K brace which i could do on the upper section but unfortunatelly without horizontal

Thanks in advance

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It may make things a bit easier if you post the GH file? :)

Hello Tim, Thanks for your reply my GH file is very simple , compilation of what i found on net


Check attachment. Best.


Thank you so much Kim,

yes it is mutching my need, in the picture attached I would like to add inner brace for each X section, and suppress top and bottom horizontals for each X section not included the top section - See attached picture

Thanks again for your Support


You could easily add what you want  if you understood this definition in detail.


Thanks Kim,

how can I remove the horizontal as Shown  in the attached picture ?




Thank you Kim for your Support ,

This is perfect now I will now try to separate upper horizontal to affect different profile cross section



I dont know if you can support me again about the problem i matches about extension of legs as per below picture.

I tried to split the legs to get a shoues at base and some extended lenght on top as shown there but I could not , can you get a look on ?

thanks in advance


Try to use "Extend Curve".

Thanks Kim for your support

I could extend top side , but i want to split legs as per picture below , Diagonals must stay on same position as they are now- Thanks in advance

It seems to be better to actually restart from scratch because your persistent change request has made it clear that the existing definition will be messed up.

The important thing is whether you understand this definition in detail.







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