algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I had geometry in rhino that is a polysurface. So I brep a small part of it in grasshopper to polar array and create same geometry here. I searched on the forum and found a post that helped me. I exploded it and did item length. Started to join curves and realized the order does matter, because it's no more a single sheet surface, it has formed some another object. How do we achieve a flat surface?

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Hi Anchal,

I didn't get the idea exactly what you are trying to ask here. I believe you have just started using grasshopper. If so, as per my understanding you are facing issue of sorting the edges of the surface in order to make such surface in the grasshopper. 

Now there can be multiple methodologies to do so. The way you are trying to do seems a longer route to me. Therefore I have attached the file with three methodologies.

1st one is longest (the way you are trying to do).

Second one (a bit smaller) depending on what you want to achieve again.

Third one smallest of all, just a click to close it off.

I hope this will sort your issue. Let me know if I am thinking the same about it.

Or let me know the purpose/end result that you are looking for.







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