algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Im not sure if im being silly but my brain doesnt seem to be functioning properly atm..

I've used grasshopper a handful of times to do pretty simple operations but im now im trying to learn it more in depth..

i have two sets of grids one on the base plane and the second is attached to a new plane which has been transformed by a z vector and scaled. i have then drawn a set of lines based on the points of the 1st grid and the direction is based on the vector between the points of the 1st and 2nd grid...

my question is about the distance aspect of the line. basically i want the lines to get longer as they get closer to the center.. and i wanted to know if there is an easy way to do this as ive tried to invert the result of a distance component from grid 1 to the center of grid 2 and vice versa neither seems to work


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Can you post your definition?

its a fairly basic definition, adapted from something i saw in a tutorial


Hi Dominic,

basically in order to invert ur values, i used ur distance as a  denominator of  a bigger value, is that what you are looking for? 




yer thats exactly what i was looking to do...

i tried using a divide but i guess is didint use large enough numbers as youve got it over 4000+

thanks a lot though dude appreciate it







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