algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Guys, I would like to ask U how to do this:

In this simplified example I've a Floor composed by 3 Apartments [IMG 1], I underline external walls (orange) (thickness from 30cm to 40cm ), walls in common (yellow) (thickness from 20cm to 30cm), internal walls (green) (thickness from 10cm to 15cm).

Is there a way to subdivide this Floor like IMG 2? I need to have all Apartments separated and, if it's possible, also have all rooms separated [IMG 3]. Hope that someone could help me!! ;-)

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maybe this solution is suitable :)

mmmm ... maybe I was not clear ;-)

All walls aren't subdivided ... I need to know how to subdivide walls in automatic respect to a specific floor (images are simplified, colors are used only to explain what I need).

I'm sorry I do not understand: (
subdivide walls in automatic respect to a specific floor?

How I understand this:

if edges are contained within surface (room) = interior wall

if edges are between two surfaces (rooms) = common wall

all other edges = exterior walls

How to turn this into an algorithm is something I'd have to spend more time on...


if surfaces are divided by 10/15 cm walls - ROOMS

if surfaces are divided by 20/25 cm walls - HOUSING UNITS (this walls could be used to divide HOUSING UNITS or HOUSING UNIT to a STAIRWELL)

It's all concatenated, isn't simple to do it. My image is quite clear.

Take a look to IMG1, "DWG file" is defined by a "unique wall", without internal lines relative to a subdivision (I colored walls only to explain what I need).

it depends on the division algorithm

what division algorithm you used to [IMG 1]?

Nothing ;-) ... it's an example. But it will be draw in Rhino/Autocad (traditional method, no parametric)

the traditional method, and you have to parameterize
Automatic calculation you need the algorithm :)

I know that I need an algorithm, it's my request ;-)

I try to be clear and simplify what I need:

First image: it's the original file, external walls are 40cm, commons walls are 20cm, internal walls are 10cm (internal partitions doesn't take part of algorithm).

Second/Third image: I need to extract perimeter of thermal zones of each apartments. Hope that someone could help me.

maybe it's what you want :)






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