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hi ~ How to active the Z domain of MD Slider 

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I have come across the same problem. I guess it is a little bit tricky to create a GH-panel to place a 3D point on a 2D workspace.

However, the MD-Slider works on an XY-Plane. If you need to apply the MD-Slider in an XZ-Plane or YZ-Plane, you can fine a solution in the attaches file!

cheers. NNI


Sorry, the 3D mode doesn't work yet. Never got around to writing it.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

i can't believe the easy way to do this, thanks for sharing!


An alternative solution to NNI's one would be to transfer X or Y value to Z one, after applied a vector deconstruction...

Here's the image and the file attached


This is how I solved it,works great.



Probably someone figured it out already, but by simply selecting the RGB rather than the HSV (default) space in the colour picker makes everything much easier and accurate, thus not actually needing a proper 3D MD Slider (well it actually becomes a proper 3D Slider already).

It's then easy to add any needed number transformation like remapping or a multiplier to tweak the bounds!

Thanks Adrijano for the hint! ;)

Yes that's great I like people here because we build upon others ideas and that's how everything should work.

After I posted that,aldo cute but for my workflow very loose, I started found my self just using three regular sliders more often.






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