algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Do not download this build. There is a serious issue with expressions. The next version will be uploaded later today.

Grasshopper 0.8.0064 is available for download from the usual location.

This release contains some very new code so if the current version is working for you and you're on a right dead-line, you might elect to not upgrade just quite yet. There's a number of reported bugs which I'll try and fix within the next few days so there should be a further release coming soon.

Changed since 0.8.0063:

● Sliders can now be instantiated with limits using a "min<value<max" notation.
● Text panels now have less contrasting title blocks.
● Text panels now have left, top and right margins accessible at high zoom levels.
● Text panels now have buttons that appear at high zoom levels for several properties.
● Text Tag 2D component now has a colour input.
● Text Tag 3D component now has a colour input.
● Added Extremes component for finding minima and maxima amongst variable collections (Math.Util dropdown).
● Added Entwine component for flattening and merging a variable collection of data streams (Sets.Tree dropdown).
● Added Find Domain component useful for categorizing numbers (Math.Domain).
● Added Vector Display Ex component which offers more control over display (Vector.Vector panel).
● Added Key/Value Search component for matching generic data with key values (Sets.Sets dropdown).
● Added Characters component for extracting individual characters from a string (Sets.String dropdown).
● Added Consecutive Domains component for converting lists of numbers into domain blocks (Math.Domain dropdown).
● Added Font settings to the preferences window (at the moment Script and Console fonts are rarely used).
● IsoVist components now accept lines, curves, planes, boxes, surfaces, breps and meshes as obstacles.
● IsoVist components now output an obstacle index rather than a hit/miss boolean.
● Added 'Overlay Graphics' section to the Preferences (Interface section).
● VB and C# script components now cache compiled assemblies.
● VB and C# assembly references window has been redesigned (more to come).
● VB and C# missing references are now handled more gracefully.
○ Tuned up 3D Voronoi slicing algorithm, probably still bugs left.
○ Number Slider would only deserialize three decimal places, this is fixed.
○ The tooltip would sometimes be shown behind other windows, this is hopefully fixed.

Especially the changes to the VB/C# script references may prove to be buggy. Please be on the lookout. 


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

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I love the new Panel

Ooo, ooo and the Slider=1<4<9

Question regarding this; How do we control int/float?

If one of your inputs has decimal places it will be floats. eg slider=1.0>4>9

Of course... Thanks!

Can you give an example on how to use this new feature

thank you


I've just crashed it when changing the console font in Grasshopper Settings.

Windows Vista 64-bit


Win 7 x64, RH4 SR9 - No problems here.

You didn't use a damaged font maybe?

It was a font that doesn't support style 'Regular'.

But a bug's a bug, despite my foolish choices :)


speaking of fonts I forgot to mention it was Donald Knuth's Birthday on Tuesday :)

Darn, I thought I fixed all of those Aharoni crashes. Oh well, thanks for the call stack, that'll make it a lot easier to track down.


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia

A request I always forget to mention is the possibility to accept a change with enter when editing values via the right click menu. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Is it me or is it GH who's doing it wrong?






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