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Hey Everyone, 

i'm quite not familiar with python and neither with the grasshopper namespace so i am very sorry if this quwstion is stupid.

I wont to get a "diagram" or tree about the Data flowing threw grasshopper. I found the ConnectivityDigram class in the Grasshopper SDK but i am not able to extract anythng useful out of it. 

Maybe someone can help me. What i am basicly imaginig was the following See (Image1 - Connectivity); Image 2 - Corresponding Code).

Thank you very much for your help !!!


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ConnectivityDiagram is just an easy way to inspect connections (in and out) for various objects. It basically just converts a GH_Document into a more Directed-Graph like entity, where the nodes are just component InstanceIds.

You can definitely use ConnectivityDiagram, but if you want to see graphics, you'll have to write those yourself.

Hey David,

thank you for the fast reaction. 

I can get the connectivitydiagram but i am not able to get any data from it ... would you be so kind to give me an example ? 

I do not need the graphics - i only need a way to get the used components and their dependancy out of the diagram. 

Thank you very much again ... i know it musst be a stupid question but i can't slove it ... 

To get the to active Grasshopper document of the GHPython component, you need this:

ghDoc = ghenv.Component.OnPingDocument()

Can't help you with Python, but in C# here's one way to use GH_ConnectivityDiagram


Thank you a lot !!!
Perfect :) - I think from this i can learn and understand how it works. 

I am really impressed that you two answerd so fast, thats absolutly fantastic.

Have nice evening !!




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