algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Lately new posts appear to post multiple times:

Between this and the other feed issues lately, perhaps its finally time to consider escorting Ning out behind the shed and pulling the trigger ;)


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Nik: Are you ever NOT a dick?

man, I hate you.

must be. i think people from ladybug development are managing to push every post to another platform. users need to just send them an email to get sign in credentials access to all content from here, transferred to the new platform.

If McNeel decides to do that they already have access to the email addresses so it's only a matter of reactivating your account.

I can't even "reactivate" my existing account on Discourse, and get the same thing with a fresh account from either iPhone or Windows, using a new email address. It can't be an IP block since it's from different devices, either mobile or WiFi and VPN doesn't help. And you want to hand the Grasshopper forum to these guys?! The people who say "temporary" when their site is clearly a lot worse broken than this site?

Can't Login only affords a password reset email, which is not useful.

It's def a NING issue, same thing is also happening on Grasshoppers jewelry forum.

Also, all of my replies just hang up in loading when I hit add reply. If I refresh the reply does actually go through. 

I didn't even know that existed, and I've become a jeweler lately, though I seem to have an old account there already. This should be linked in the main menus above.






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