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Flip Matrix in a large tree using shift path / PROBLEM

Hello everyone!

I'm struggling with shift path + flip matrix.

I. What I'm trying to do?

I'm trying to make the same flip matrix operation I was performing with a tree that has only a single branch in a bigger tree with multiple branches.

I've read in another post that for trees we should use the combination of shift path + flip matrix in order to get the same results that with flip matrix alone in a simple tree.

What I'm trying to do is the same operation I did with a single branch in a bigger treee. I want the same performance with the addition of having all the data resumed in one tree rather than spreaded in multiple pieces of code.

II.The problem.

The problem that I'm having is that apparently my definition with the addition of shift path does not perform as an analogy of the flip matrix definition in a simple tree. Somehow the lists of points that are generated by the _DivideCurve are ordered different (like if some of them are reversed) so the polyline goes from the inner part of the spiral to the outer part forming some kind of spike geometry when superposed with the initial lines. I dont know how to reorder those points to have the same as above with flip matrix.

Thanks everyone!




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I think in this case what you want is "Flip Last" from tree sloth - if you replace your P-shift + Flip matrix with Flip Last everything seems to work as desired. 

Thanks, I didn't know about this plugin!






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