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I am trying to identify a set of points at the intersection of a series of lines. I have messed around with this for awhile and cant locate the points. I'm sure the solution is probably really simple, but I cant seem to use any of the intersection tools to get the result. They always return the result null.

I have tried use the following operations.


I have attached a screenshot.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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the component is working correctly, in your definition you are looking the intersection between the circle and the lines... if you want intersections between your lines, then input the lines on both inputs..

Also try with right click on the component and set to cross reference if a line have multiples intersections, then you probably will need to cull or "list item" the points that you need.
Hi Christopher,

Offset produces a Tree of output data if you input a list of curves. This is probably why the Intersection components do not work. The offsetted lines will all be in their own little list and they will never be compared with the intersecting lines because those are stored in other lists.

You should flatten the offsetted lines so they are all merged into single lists (of three lines each). Then either use CrossReference matching on the Intersection component or Shift one of the lists so each line will be compared with the correct neighbour.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia





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