algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi everyone

I am a new user for grasshopper. I have tried to copy a script I found online that should be able to do the following:

However with this script on assigning the surface.. nothing happens to the surface.

Could you tell me whats wrong in my script?

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There are three items of this specific definition which I'm not sure about. Firstly the trivial: in earlier versions of GH there was no indication as to whether an input had been altered through an expression editor in each component, and I believe the List Item component has i-1 in the integer input from List length component, which would be returning the last item in the sorted list.

Slightly more fundamental is the Fx2 component you don't have anything in the F input that will produce a result for the function regarding (x,y) and it could be anything as the y input is a vector and therefore you need to pick a component of the vector or a combination of components to include in the expression. (y has three components y.x, y.y and y.z)

And Lastly I don't understand the shift list component after the List Item because if you shift a list with one item you get nothing unless the Wrap flag is set to true in which case you get the same item. However it could be a very old definition where the data structures were very different and GH doesn't act like this anymore

Try and contact the Author directly from the blog as he does mention he will provide the original definition upon request and also ask what version it was written in.

hi Harsha,

Did you end up finding out how it works because I'm looking at doing a similar facade treatment?







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