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I am trying to extrude a grid between two surfaces, I tried to loft but for some reason i can't get it done on a straight line, they keep on intersecting at some weird points, I tried to pick the align loft option but no hopes, and its driving me crazy to get it done right.

I am trying to connect them straight  to each other. I attached a sketch to show you what I am looking for. 

Could you please help me.

Thanks in advance.


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Compare the model and you'll see the difference!


that's what I want but what did you do to it, I am trying to see the difference in the definition, but but nothing different haha... or am I missing it... haha



Here is the difference!

OHHHH..... nice... did you RE-constructed? if yes how OR how did you them have the same direction up.. 

Thanks again PANDAAAA.. 

1.rotate by 180°

2.scale in Zdirection by factor:-1


nice one, tried it also rotated it and than flipped the uv but saw on the isocurves that  the problem was anther just didnt knew about scaling by factor -1. is it some kind of flipping the seams direction. there is no command i assume? Did you get the arrows in GH?

yeah,in gh



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