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Hi everyone,

ive been trying to do something for a while, and its been honestly driving me crazy... 

in essence, i simply want to create a soccer ball! the pattern on a soccer ball.. where all the pentagons (or whatever geometry i want to panel) are distributed equally. The problem im having is that when i panel, its doing it based on the isocurves of the surface, and so when the iso curves converge to a point, so do my panels... i understand that my shape will change with the fewer panels that i use.. so if i use only three pentagons, im obviously going to get a diamond like shape.. but thats what i want.. i simply want equal panels on an irregular surface.

here are some images to further explain.

any help is truly appreciated..

thanx in advance!

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Hi Mohammed,

You might find some of the definitions posted in this thread useful:

To cover your sphere you'll need to have 12 pentagons

Hi daniel

thanx for the link! but sadly, thats not really what was i looking for... i used the soccer ball as just an example, what im trying to do is panel a irregular surface equally.. regardless of what the panels are.. the definition and rhino file i posted shows how the panels converge.. (because theyre based on the isocurves of the surface).. i do not want that to happen..

any help?

May it will give you some ideas ... (on comment wall)...






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