algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Just in case someone really needs a quick script to remove duplicate items, here it is in This component has a single input of X that is a List( Of On3dPoint ) and output A. You should be able to change the type and it will still work.

Dim uniquePoints As New List( Of On3dPoint )
Dim found As Boolean = False
Dim i As Double = 0
Dim j As Double = 0
For i = 0 To x.Count - 1 Step 1
Dim cPoint As On3dPoint = x.Item(i)
found = False
If uniquePoints.Contains(cPoint) Then
found = True
End If
If found = False Then
End If

A = uniquePoints

Hope it helps someone!

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if it is points / lines, check out kangaroo...
funny, I have that installed and I never saw that bit of it... oh well

that was the start to a script I wrote to eliminate points that are inside a circle with 5 other points, essentially finding the points inside circles containing less than 6 points
Thank you! That it is necessary.
thanks, ti's useful
Oh I would be careful using list.contains on geometrical inputs. Try moving one of the points in your list 0.00000000001 units (basically a rounding error) and watch as it is included in the new list of unique points.







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