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duplicated text tag (+ multiple extrusion point)

I'm trying to number my points for hole placement in my tubes. But there are duplicated points at adjoining surfaces. How do I remove them? I tried using a VBscript downloaded from other forum to remove duplicated points. It worked, but my computer crash after that.. How should I remove those duplicated points?



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Try kangaroo - it has remove duplicate points component, remember flattering data before inputing points.

hm.. this is what happened (computer became super slow as well) and it seemed that all the points are tagged 0. Is there perhaps another way of numbering?


that is quite odd but you have multiple branches after path mapper, where you remove all branches. create a series of x numbers where x is number of points after removeing duplicates. connect series of numbers to "T" input in 3d text tag component. should work(as always;)).




oh, now I can see. you created branch from every number from series. That is why it is so slow. If you have 100 points, and 100 numbers which every has own branch, you will get 10000 text tags ;] just do it in a simple way - replace path mapper with flatten component.

The new sets components will be able to remove any duplicates. The one you want is Create Set.
Danny, could you please explain step by step? Do I just input my points to Create Set? But the output is still the duplicated data. Did I miss something? Thank you

It's a tolerance thing that is causing you to have duplicates after the create set component. To overcome this I used a format Fx expression to get the points to being 4 decimal places and then used the create set component. Also you need to have the Text in one list if the points are in one list.

thank you!

Hi, Ruby,

I think the easiest way is to install Kangaroo plugin and use RemoveDuplicatePts component... New Create set component will not do exactly what you need (it does not remove all duplicates.. I guess it's because it doesn't work with tolerances)




Thank you so much Dimitri! Is it possible to add alphabets behind? Cos I want to separate the top part and bottom part into "1a" and "1b" respectively.

I guess there are many ways to do this.. here is one, that came to my mind first...

..btw, in this definition I use Dannys solution for removing duplicates with Create Set (so you don't need Kangaroo).. 





aha! So concatenate it is... I've done it differently by using list item to separate the top and bottom points before removing the duplicates with kangaroo. Thanks for your quick reply!


Sorry for having so many questions.. Would you happen to know how to unroll the texts along with the polysurfaces and points in Rhino? My final attempt is to create holes at those points for fabrication, so I will need the texts to be unrolled as well. I've tried baking them to rhino and explode, but they are not appearing anywhere.

How are you going to unroll those polysurfaces? I think the solution for tags will  depend on how you perform this process. Will you divide each polysurface to its planar walls and orient them to grid of points in XY plane? Or you are going to unfold whole polysurface to make it planar? 


Maybe I just don't fully understand what you are trying to do :)







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