algorithmic modeling for Rhino


I am a newbie and trying to learn GH.

I would like to divide a surface into different widths and extrude them at different heights.

My final goal it to be able to control the pattern for eg. 1-A,B,A,C,B 2-B,A,A,A,C,B and so on (please see attached images - manually modeled in Rhino). I searched the forum but didn't find solution to my problem. David Rutten did post a definition for something similar but it used VB script. Here is the link,

I am still new to GH scripting and VB scripting is certainly not my cup of tea. I was wondering if this can be achieved without VB script and just GH? 

If someone can please help/guide me in achieving this will be great. I have attached my initial GH def but to tell you guys frankly i didn't get to far with it. 

Thanking in advance. 



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Isnt it just a plan you want to extrude ? if it is, its easy in grasshopper.

Hi Jesper, 

Thank you for taking time to look into it. I tried this is plan first but I would like to use these patterns on vertical faces of a reception desk. 

Can you please tell me how i can start this in GH ?

Thanks once again !!

Can anyone please help / give a starting point for this ?

Thanking in advance. 

Try this for a starting point.


Thanks a lot Chris, it is very helpful. Will learn few new component use from your def. 

Thanks once again. 






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