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DisplayConduit.ObjectCulling and combining vector with pixel information

Hi there,

does anybody have an idea on how to approach a scripted solution to the printing flaw of not being able to combine vector and pixel formats in Rhino like the possibilities of pdf format would suggest? 
I found this thread on controlling object culling for display purposes and was wondering if there could be a way to extract culled vector information and combine these with pixel information?

I´m probably asking too much but is it possible that the everything-is-possible-Rhino can´t do that? Has there been a development since last year?

Thanks for the hints in advance :)


Just now I found this thread and I´m not the only one seeking a solution to something that still seems unreachable :(


The quest continues (and there is the nagging comparison to layout for sketchup)

To cite Steve Baer: 

"Rhino definitely allows vector out of perspective and we default to hybrid printing of layouts where wireframe details and the layout page are drawn in vector on top of details that require raster.

My guess is the possibly you are using a display mode that requires raster like shaded or technical."

Well that´s the point! One would want technical display (hidden line) mode to be vectors which one could place on top of shaded/rendered raster images in the layout as a minimum solution. 

Is there a way to automate this process meanwhile? Any ideas?

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