algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello GH-peeps,

Im trying to delete some points (of grid) outside a area, which I have managed, but in the process there appears some extra points on the border of the surface.
Which is not what im looking for... I just want the points inside/outside the area....
This is probrabelly because this def. is to be done with CULL? but I was not able to figure it out..

Some help is more than welcome....



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I figure it out y self...

thanks any way.


So, how did you do it?  I've been trying to cull some points that are outside of my circle, but I can't figure out how to do it.

Please help!

Here is a simple definition..

If you want to check with solid (closed Brep),

replace Containment component with Inside component..



Thank you so much!  Works like a charm!

Hello, sorry for replying after 3 years :)

I have a question. How can I use it if I have a crv or a geometry instead of points?

(If I try with points it works very well).





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