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Hello People,

I am trying to create spotlights using RhinoCommon and  Python. Everything works except assigning a diffusion color or an intensity, it seems like the defaults over override it whether i bake it or not, however when i ask it to print the values inside the code it does it with no problem. What am i missing?

here is the rhino common page

I attach the gh file

Thank you


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Hi Gabriella, I'm not entirely sure I understood the issue, that said your code seems to work as expected for me. Perhaps it's the mapping from the 0.00-1.00 range in RhinoCommon to the 0-100 range in Rhino that's causing the issue for you, on the intensity property I mean:

Yes, in your file if you set the intensity > 1 it will just be set as the max value so 1. That's normal.
For the color it print exactly what you set as input. So i think there is no problem here

Hey Anders, Paul

I don't know if its a problem of my rhino then? I double checked also with an intensity <1...

very wierd


wait, but what's the problem here? The intensity you set and the print you get are matching in the last picture you sent.

ah no sorry I got what you mean now

Are you sure that the object you check in Rhino is the last that was generated with the script?
If you want to update the properties of the object after it is baked, you will have to access and set it again (probably through its guid). In the script you have you can set the properties once and bake it. Afterwards you can't do any update that will affect the EXISTING object.
I hope i make myself clear haha

Could be, try checking your Service Release and make sure it's up to date (might be an issue with an earlier build of RhinoCommon).

Not sure if this really helps, but here is a script that modifies the intensity attribute of the light after it has been baked (note that it changes the attribute of ALL lights contained within the input layer).

Indeed, moving the slider that is on the gh canvas won't affect the displayed parameter in Rhino on the right. 
I guess that if you further render in VRay it will take into account what has been hardcoded in grasshopper, so maybe this is not a problem.

I tried ignoring the fact that the baked light is "wrong" and rendering directly in Vray on gh but still ddnt respect the attributes. Thanks for the code, it will be my last resort



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