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I have several issues and they might be solved by a larger scale or organization, but for now this is where I'm stuck.

1- I have a curve that is interpolated from an arc and line. I want this curve to drive the surface that is to be lofted between two hexigons and still have the ability to shift between the line and the arc.

2- If this is possible, I then want this cone to be part of a larger surface. I also want the interpolated curve to be linked to its adjacent interpolated cone, creating an effect across the entire surface.

any help would be great.



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  • "curve to drive the surface" / "srf loft between them to be tied to the interpolate curve"
    I don't understand the nature of the "link" you want to achieve... could you elaborate?
  • "interpolated curve to be linked to its adjacent interpolated cone"
    do you want it to connect seamlessly and without curvature changes, is that it?
  • "new surface controlling a larger surface"
    you mean like in the attached 3dm, so the larger surface is created by multiplying the module? 






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